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Our Special Covers!

Presenting, the covers we designed specially for the Notebooks we are producing under Terramerx!


The First Sorting!


Since we had to empty the paper collection box, we had some of the members of the Eco Club help sort the deposited paper. This was the first batch.

The students deposit paper!

The drop box we placed for everyone to keep one-side used paper in filled quickly. We had to empty it and sort out a first batch while the box is refilling with more papers! Here is a glimpse of our students, contributing!


Paper Collection


As one of the ventures of Terramerx, a paper collection drive is going on in the school. Students and teachers are depositing one-side used paper in a collection box that is filling rapidly! Paper is being reused for a venture under Terramerx.

Our Plan!

Terramerx is an initiative with a vision. On hearing about the Challenge already, a lot of students across various grades responded so enthusiastically, that we set our business plan right away.

Terramerx is participating in the Route Two reach of the Challenge, which is for developing nations. The enterprise is owned by the school though it is run by students with constant aid and guidance from the school authorities. We will be selling our products on a constant basis, and not a one-off event and a majority of the profits we hope to make will be reinvested in the enterprise.

Our intent ranges from-

  • Making products in the school that are ecologically a boon (Planet)
  • Turning over a profit to endorse further enterprises (Profit)
  • Creating small employments for a group of wavers and binders whose help we shall require for our ventures (People)
  • making it to the ‘Successful Enterprises’ pages in this Challenge next year!

Though we do not have a fixed team of students in charge, we are constantly delegating certain projects and tasks to one class at a time, appointing in-charges too, as all the classes are so enthusiastic to participate!

To give a brief introduction to our ventures-

  1. Notebook Production- In running the school, a lot of waste paper is generated by both staff and students. A lot of this is also one-side used paper. Though the school has an active recycling unit, we decided to collect, sort, bind and sell notebooks made from the same one-side used paper waste that we generate. It just so happened that this announcement reached the students when the exams began, and bundles of used Notes and Assignments are being put into the drop box since then!
  2. Bag Production- In India, vegetables and fruits are still largely sold in plastic bags. Though the Law now bans them, some are still in circulation. Often, these plastic bags are thrown out carelessly. To avoid this, bags designed specially to collect these plastic bags and store them to be reused later are being designed by the students.
  3. Herb and Kitchen Plants- Our school is proud to have stretches of gardens on the premises, with potted flowering plants bordering the corridors, the Reception and so on. In fact, we have such good members at our Gardening Club, and such a passionate team of Gardeners, that we decided to grow certain herbs and plants that can be used in the kitchen in the school, and later sell them.

Check this space of the WWW for Terramerx’ progresses! We’ll keep updating.



Hello world!

Terramerx comes from the Latin words Terra, meaning earth, and Merx, meaning goods.

Bal Bharati Public School, Pitam Pura is participating in an International School Enterprise Challenge. The aim is to make and execute a business plan that creates products ecologically and sell the same. For example- notebooks from one side used paper, cards from circulars 😀 and bags. The production is going on.

This blog is our platform to tell the world of our advancements. Enjoy our endeavors!