A great day at Sales!

Today was a half-yearly Parent-Teacher Meeting at Bal Bharati and a great day for sales. Besides propagating the Terramerx project, and enlisting many volunteers for future sales and schemes, we sold a good deal.

The gardening club alone made Rs. 830/- in the day and the bag production and notebook production are a hit, having brought us Rs. 450/-

The bags specially got us a lot of praise and we are working on hints and suggestions by parents.

We are all smiles 🙂

Take a look at some snaps from the sale booth!

The stall

What the stall looked like!


The notebooks on display!


The bags on display!


These are the plants we put up for sale. They all have little markers in the pots, that say their names.

Sale of a plant

One of the first customers we had at the plants’ stall.

Sale of craft!

One of our customers took a bag and a notebook for herself, and another set for a friend 🙂







Craft Works- Cards!

The two running ventures, notebook production and kitchen garden, are working actively in the school. As a side venture, the Terrmerx enterprise also has a craft shop, where we put the creations of our students from waste products and biodegradable material for sale. Lately, the students designed some greeting cards from used paper. Take a look!


The first card, where the case is a printed sheet of paper.


The second card, where the flowers are made from used paper, and that only makes it prettier!


The third card, where the designing is done by used paper, and the print only adds to the effect!

Paper Sorting the Second!

Such was the paper deposition recently that we had to empty the deposit box yet again, today! Sorting the very crisp papers from the folded to some can’t-use. And here are the three volunteers who helped us today.



The amount of paper we finally collected has managed to show need of more drop boxes at more positions! 🙂

Gardening Club

The gardening club is actively growing plants for the upcoming interactive session between parents and teachers in October. The last time, they sold 50 plants, and generated a profit of Rupees 750, much larger than we had originally expected. The herbs are blooming and we are excited!

Here’s one picture of a stall we put up before. We’re making something bigger this time!

The stall

Our stall at the Christmas carnival last! We’re taking ideas and thinking of how to expand!

And here’s the club at the last selling.


At the last sale!




Our Special Covers!

Presenting, the covers we designed specially for the Notebooks we are producing under Terramerx!

The First Sorting!


Since we had to empty the paper collection box, we had some of the members of the Eco Club help sort the deposited paper. This was the first batch.

The students deposit paper!

The drop box we placed for everyone to keep one-side used paper in filled quickly. We had to empty it and sort out a first batch while the box is refilling with more papers! Here is a glimpse of our students, contributing!